Microseismic Monitoring

Transform microseismic monitoring with our AI platform and independent expert advices

Our Products

Web Platform Dedicated to AI and Microseismic Monitoring

We are building a web platform designed to deploy and develop microseismic focused AI models. 

Train and Deploy AI Models

Leverage our platform's capabilities to address your specific challenges: Choose from our suite of pre-trained models and AI-powered processing modules for ready-to-use solutions, or utilize our system's robust framework to create and refine your own custom models. Experience unparalleled flexibility and precision in data processing, tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Remain in Control, our Platform is Self-Served!

Empower your team with our platform: Register users, assign roles, manage teams, and customize system settings including velocity models, mine plans, and sensor inventories. Unlock seamless collaboration and system adaptability right from our landing page.

Enhance Your AI Models with Advanced Data Management Tools

Unlock the full potential of AI with our suite of tools designed for the meticulous curation and preparation of AI models. Our platform empowers users to fine-tune and enhance data, a critical step in leveraging AI to develop models and modules that are both relevant and universally applicable. Featuring modern tools for processing, manipulating, and visualizing seismic data, we pave the way for innovation and precision in your projects.

Streamline Microseismic Analysis with Advanced AI Tools

Whether you need an automated SMTI solution or a dependable microseismic event classifier, our platform offers interactive processing modules for direct use or seamless integration into your existing tools via our convenient API.

Take Advantage of Curated Datasets

Utilize open and curated datasets, or create your own private data repository, employing a wide array of tools for comprehensive microseismic analysis.


We are Independent and Unbiased Microseismic Monitoring Experts

We offer independent consulting services to enhance your operations, providing support across the entire microseismic monitoring lifecycle.

Advocacy and Representation

Navigate the complexities of microseismic monitoring with confidence. We offer expert advice to maximize the benefits from your service provider engagements. Our services include assessing and defining your requirements, evaluating quotes and proposals, negotiating terms, ensuring compliance and quality, and overseeing seamless implementation.

Comprehensive System Audit

Ensure your seismic system meets operational goals and performs optimally. Whether you're questioning system performance, suspecting issues, seeking to evaluate processing quality, reviewing sensor installation and coupling, or determining the adequacy and calibration needs of your current setup, our comprehensive audits provide the insights you need for informed decision-making.

Data Analysis

Our team possesses a comprehensive skill set in processing, analyzing, and interpreting microseismic data. We ensure our analysis outcomes align with our clients' business and operational objectives. Committed to precision, we leverage our advanced technology and methodologies to provide actionable insights for strategic decisions and operational efficiency.

Seismic Hazard Management

Ensuring safe and efficient operations through effective seismic hazard management is crucial. Whether you require assistance with designing new or reviewing existing reentry protocols, triggered action response plans (TARP), or seismic hazard management plans (SHMP), our team of independent experts stands ready to offer their support.

Comprehensive Support for Seismic System Deployment and Maintenance

Achieving peak performance for your seismic system starts with the fundamentals: ensure robust sensor installation procedures and execution, grasp the essential principles for deploying seismic systems, obtain proper training, conduct thorough system calibration including velocity model and sensor orientation, and desing and execute a comprehensive audit and maintenance plan.

Unlocking Value with Artificial Intelligence in Seismic Data

Embrace the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the value of your seismic data. Our team of AI specialists is dedicated to assisting your operation in harnessing AI for improved insights and outcomes.

About us

An integral part of your community, delivering operational value

We consider ourselves stakeholders in a community of experts in the mining microseismic sector. We advocate for collaboration and exchange among the various actors in the field. Several of our codes are open source, and we encourage the use of open and accessible data formats. We are committed to ensuring that you have and retain control of your data.

To learn more about how we contribute to the community, the μSeis team encourages you to visit the blog section of our website.


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